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Prince Harry is cool

Prince Harry has spent a night in a huge fridge to prepare himself for a charity trek to the South Pole.

The Prince is planning to take part in the 200-mile polar race with disabled British veterans to raise money and awareness for the Walking With The Wounded charity.

Team member Major Kate Philp, from Knightwick, in Worcestershire, who lost a leg on active service, told the BBC after the training exercise that Prince Harry was a good team mate.

She added: “He’s experienced at this, having spent some time at the North Pole also.

“He knows what he’s doing. He’s got his military training… so he’s a good extra pair of hands.”

The BBC reported on how the team had to spend 20 hours in the training facility, enduring temperatures of -35C and wind speeds of 45mph while they tried cycling and using cross trainers. I would struggle to do 20 hours of those activities under normal conditions!

Prince Harry can certainly not be accused of living a privileged life of luxury. This is the second polar trek he has been on for the Walking With The Wounded charity. He also suffered extreme conditions to help his injured colleagues with a trek to the North Pole in 2011.

Good on you and good luck Harry, I hope the trek goes well. I do, however, pity the poor person who has to monitor his health and wellbeing during this venture – I bet that responsibility will leave them feeling pretty hot under the collar.


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