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Prince Harry opens up about Royal life

Lots of people have Prince Harry pegged down as their favourite member of the Royal Family.

It is easy to see why. He comes across as being very approachable and someone who is wanting to modernise the monarchy into today’s times.

People always envisage a utopia when thinking about how the Royal Family live, such is the prestige that they are held in, as a lot of people would love the idea of living in palaces and being adored by millions.

This is why his interview with Newsweek was so interesting.

He says that nobody really wants to be the King or Queen, but that they would do it out of duty rather than desire.

This is quite an extraordinary statement from the fifth in line to the throne.

You would think that people would like the ‘top job’ as the Queen calls it, but then again, the pressure and demands of that role are probably beyond comprehension.

You can understand the reticence to accept that role in some ways, particularly given the incredibly challenging upbringing that Prince Harry and his brother William have had.

A life of royalty might not sound too bad, but no child should have to cope with the loss of their mother at such a young age, let alone in such horrific circumstances and in the eyes of the public.

I massively respect the fact that he has come out and said that he has sought help dealing with the loss of his mother. There are lots of people going through something similar to what he has, so for such a public figure to let people know that it’s OK to not be OK really is quite inspirational.

The interview also goes into his battle in trying to live a normal life when his is anything but, and the values that Princess Diana instilled in him.

I have always had a healthy respect for Prince Harry, particularly for how he has organised the Invictus Games for injured, wounded or sick armed services personnel.

He is a great role model, no matter what your beliefs are on whether the monarchy should exist in today’s times or not.

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