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Proud to be British

This year has been a busy one here in the UK, with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and the Olympics – and now the Paralympic Games are only days away.  What has been demonstrated, even to the most ardent cynic, is that Britain is Great and has fantastic spirit and good-will.

Whether you joined a street or beacon party for the Jubilee; turned out to see the Olympic torch relay; watched the star-studded concert that took place in front of Buckingham Palace celebrating the Jubilee; switched on your television to watch the many sports of the Olympics, or were lucky enough to attend the Olympics and see such historic events as Team GB take three golds in just one evening with magical performances by Jessica Ennis, Greg Rutherford and Mo Farrah, it’s been a massive wave of celebration and joy.  Hopefully the Paralympic Games will continue this feel-good factor.

For, while we haven’t had the best summer weather-wise, it has been a great summer for bringing the country together.  What is important is that this continues and we don’t all slide into doom and gloom.

We need to build on the feel-good factor that came from the Jubilee and Olympics and feed it into positivity for the future.  More sport in schools would be a good start.  Pressure to do well in academic subjects has seen sport dwindle in many schools and this trend needs reversing.  Hopefully our Olympic athletes can play a major part in this and create a lasting legacy of Summer 2012.  It’s OK the Government making all the right noises – let’s see youngsters in all areas being encouraged and supported in taking part in sport.  That would help silence the remaining cynics out there.

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