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Review: Spiderman: Homecoming

The Marvel juggernaut continues with Spiderman joining in the action.

It is the first time that Spiderman has featured in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and for me; it is a very successful addition.

There was a danger that the character was being over-exposed after around five or six films in the past decade or so.

However, Spiderman: Homecoming is a very fresh reboot of the character.

We all know the backstory of Spiderman – he is bitten by a spider and gets super-human powers.

This film doesn’t delve into all of that, and instead goes straight into the action.

Tom Holland is an absolute delight and, for me, is the best actor to have played the role. He has this wonderful innocence to him that all these powers have been bestowed on him and he enjoys using his powers.

Superhero films are too easy to go for the rugged, gritty characters at the moment, so it is a real change to see a superhero that enjoys having his powers.

Michael Keaton is also a fabulous villain. The writers did a fantastic job in giving him shades of grey, which help you understand why he has become the bad guy that he is.

Robert Downey Junior stars once again as Iron Man in this Spiderman film, playing the role with his usual verve and je ne sais quoi.

The rivalry between Holland and Keaton is very pointed, creating real moments of tension in a film that otherwise isn’t afraid to enjoy itself.

Marvel have really pushed the boundaries with their superhero films over the past 15 years, and they continue to do a brilliant job.

The long-term planning that has gone into weaving elements of all these films into each other is staggering.

With a new Avengers and Thor movie on the horizon, let us hope that these films continue to amaze and entertain.

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