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Rich study shows a poor priority

A headline about degrees that will make you rich highlighted for me just what is wrong with today’s society.  We hear all the time about an increase in depression amongst young people but then…

…studies are done to find out which degree they should take to make them the most money.

Why aren’t there studies showing which degrees/careers/jobs will make them feel most content, happy and satisfied with life. Surely money shouldn’t be any kind of measure when it comes to choosing a degree.

The figures, provided by the Institute of Fiscal Studies, say a degree in medicine and dentistry is likely to give you the highest income, followed by economics and mathematics.

Obviously it is harder to do surveys of what jobs make a person happiest, as this will be different for every personality, but even when I try to search online, I still come across articles about what makes the most money.

This conditioning starts so young these days as well. In my day, children wanted to be a police officer, a postman or woman, a firefighter, a teacher. Nowadays, if you go into a primary school and ask a class of children, they are probably more likely to say a pop star or a you tuber!

Perhaps we should be teaching our young people a bit more about what the word success means? Success in a job can mean helping others, reaching great personal achievement, producing something you are proud of, enjoying your work etc.

We only have to look at the many rich people in the public eye to realise that money doesn’t mean happiness. Celebrity news is filled with divorce, drug and alcohol addiction, stories of insecurity etc.

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