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Roll out a red carpet for the Oscar speeches

Once again the Oscars have arrived to entertain us, with the acceptance speeches becoming as compelling as the films themselves.

In fact, there could be a whole new award ceremony dedicated to them: best speech, most controversial, most cringeworthy, most emotional, funniest, longest etc.

This year’s Oscar speech winners and losers included Graham Moore, Eddie Redmayne, Patricia Arquette and John Legend and Common.

Patricia Arquette’s speech for Best Supporting Actress hit the headlines when she used the opportunity to speak up for women’s equal rights. This also led to a great reaction from Meryl Streep (Best Response to a Speech Award?)

Meanwhile Eddie Redmayne (Best Actor) gave an emotional tribute to everyone around the world battling motor neurone disease after winning his award for his portrayal of Professor Stephen Hawking.

The theme this year for speeches definitely seems to have shifted from the self-indulgence of previous years to the worthy.

Julianne Moore used her Best Actress moment to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s after winning for her role as a 50-year-old sufferer of the disease.

She said: I’m thrilled that we were able to shine a light on Alzheimer’s disease. So many people who have this disease feel marginalised. People who have Alzheimer’s disease deserve to be seen so we can find a cure.”

And finally, my award for the Most Boring Speech goes to….erm, I can’t remember their name, I think I went off to make a cup of tea at that point.


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