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Royal Wedding fever kicks in

Are you looking forward to the Royal Wedding?
It feels like most of Britain is divided between complete antipathy and gushing praise.
Given that Harry is now sixth in line to the throne on account of William and Kate’s three children, it lessens the impact of this wedding to an extent.
But people of an older persuasion will remember all the stories about Harry from when he was born, and given the ongoing love that is still held for Princess Diana, it isn’t difficult to see why Harry is so well thought of.
However, Prince Harry shouldn’t be thought of in the context of his mother all the time.
His own work starting the Invictus Games and everything he does for charity should be commended. He has also helped to bring the monarchy into the 21st century. The Royal Family came across as being very stuffy until around 10-20 years ago when William and Harry really started coming into their own and taking on lots of public events. It’s great seeing Harry have a love of rugby and this kind of hobby only endears him to us commoners.
Harry is part of our nation’s identity and he is a fantastic role model for youngsters growing up. Take aside the controversy of the past – we all do things we’re not proud of when we’re younger – we should be proud of this bastion of British society.
You also have to commend Meghan Markle. Her charitable works are fantastic and the fact that Harry is marrying an American of mixed race is a reflection of the positive changes that society is making.
It is a real shame that her father is unable to give her away. Every young woman deserves this chance but I am sure that Prince Charles will step up to the plate admirably.
I think our Royal Family is something Britain should be extremely proud of. I know I certainly am and I know I will be when the nuptials come about on Saturday.

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