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Setting tails and tongues wagging in Oz

A nation has gone barking mad over two stowaway pups who joined their American-based A-list owners in Australia without showing their passpaws or applying for a visa.

The pooches, named Pistol and Boo, have made more headlines than the presence of their film star owner Johnny Depp, who was joined in Australia by his wife Amber Heard during filming of the new Pirates of the Caribbean sequel Dead Men Tell No Tales.

The pesky pups caused a de-bark-le (sorry, couldn’t resist) after jetting into the Antipodean paradise on Depp’s private plane. But they were only discovered to have illegally entered the country when on a typical A-list style jaunt to the pups’ parlour they were papped and splashed across social media.

Depp so far has made no comment on the issue, but it seems privately the fur has been flying, with threats being made to destroy the dogs if they were not removed within a strict time limit.

While Pistol and Boo have saved their hides by jetting back to the doghouse in the USA, it seems the heat is still on in Australia, where Depp has apparently been threatened with ten years in the clink thanks to his miscreant migrants.

And it hasn’t stopped there, now Oz officials are in their own dogfight over how the situation has been handled, with insults being thrown over live radio. Let’s hope their bark is worse than their bite.

Meanwhile, filming has continued on the set of Pirates, with some commentators musing that if the last film is anything to go by, it might be worth making an off-shoot drama based around Pistol and Boo’s adventures as it’s likely to be far more entertaining than the multi-million dollar blockbuster currently being shot.

How does Pirates of the Caribbean: Salty Sea Dogs Tell No Tails sound?


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