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Should Bank Holidays be scrapped?

We are reaching the stage of the year where there are loads of Bank Holidays, particularly with Easter being so late in 2017.

Things can get a bit confusing when you have time off, particularly when it’s just a day or two.

This year we have a run of four days off for Bank Holidays in the space of just over six weeks.

It does throw you a bit and you’ll often not get back into your routine until the start of the following week when things get back to normal.

Of course, it’s always great spending some extra time with your family and friends.

But are Bank Holidays a bit of an antiquated idea and should they be modernised?

Bank Holidays were originally created decades ago when people worked more regular hours. With globalisation and the progress of technology, people are now working all sorts of hours.

Of course, taking eight days of holiday away from people would cause outrage and millions of people wouldn’t be happy. But what may work quite nicely is if the eight Bank Holidays we are entitled to each year are just added to our annual leave.

That way, you would be able to take off the days you wanted to, rather than a prescribed set of days that may not work out for you.

Reorganising Bank Holidays could make companies more productive and contribute more to the economy.

Obviously in this country we take days off for Christmas and Easter – the Christian holidays. Would people of other religions not prefer to take other days off though to celebrate important religious festivities such as Eid, Yom Kippur and Diwali?

The biggest downside of this plan is that it would take a lot more organisation from people to arrange events or time together if everyone had to book off the same amount of time, which may not be feasible. Bank Holidays do bring people together more.

A lot of companies invariably struggle towards the end of a year in terms of employees taking a lot of time off in November and December, when people are rushing to take time off because they haven’t used their holidays earlier in the year. Changing Bank Holidays would only add to this.

Businesses that may struggle throughout the year can also really cash in when there’s a Bank Holiday because of the fact that everyone is off at the same time, and people like to do things during this time period.

There are good arguments for and against it. Perhaps it might be worth taking a look at to see whether we can make better use of our time off.

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