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Snow fun for all!

I know for some the recent UK snow will have caused a lot of disruption, but I can’t help being excited when there is a mention of the white stuff at this time of year.

Despite the fact that having snow on the ground on Christmas Day is not very common on this little island of ours, I still think of snow when I picture the festive season.

Of course, none of us want to travel in snow or icy weather, but who doesn’t love the idea of building a snowman, going sledging and having a snowball fight? In fact, we love it so much we have resorted to building dedicated snow centres now in Britain to allow us to play and ski in the snow all year round…

I remember putting plastic bags over my gloves and socks as a child to head out into the snow. We’d collect snow from everywhere – tops of cars, walls etc – in order to find enough to make just a tiny snowman before it all melted again!

Then we would make our bottoms sore trying to sledge down a hill on a plastic bin bag – even though the snow was so thin the stones and sticks were still poking through…

One High Street store is even offering to dump real snow outside the houses of lucky customers who find a special snow globe in one of their stores. Imagine that! You would have the entire neighbourhood coming round to play!

So, here’s hoping for a white Christmas!

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