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St Tropez’s new sell-out

A revolutionary new in-shower self-tanner is flying off the shelves, but is it worth the hype?

St Tropez has established itself as a market leader when it comes to self-tanning but the quest for achieving the perfect self -tan is never-ending and the brand’s latest product is causing quite a stir (in the beauty world, at least).

Streaks, the tell-tale orange tone, that distinctive ‘biscuit smell’ – it may be a healthier option than baking in the sunshine but let’s face it, self-tans don’t always deliver. One of the main gripes is that it takes so long to apply and develop. Step forward St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower, a revolutionary new product that claims not only to take just 3 minutes to work, but can also be applied in the shower. Can it possibly deliver?

According to the blurb it’s the first self-tanner to use a natural tanning agent that kicks into action as soon as it makes contact with wet skin. There’s already a celebrity following and the product is endorsed by none other than Kate Moss, who, let’s face it, looks good smeared in Glastonbury mud.

Those in search of a sun-kissed look are instructed to lather the lotion onto wet skin in the shower, leave for three minutes and then wash carefully off. The colour is supposed to then develop over the next eight hours, leaving a healthy natural glow that can be built up with repeated applications.

Reviews are, as you might guess, mixed, with some hailing it as the greatest thing since, well, the last revolutionary new self-tanner, and others saying it was a waste of money. As with all self-tanning products what works for one person in terms of application and colour doesn’t for another. For anyone, however, short on time who has left their self-tanning to the last possible minute, this is great option. If, of course, you can get your hands on any!


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