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Sub-zero temperatures to bring Britain to annual snow halt

Just when we thought we’d experienced the extent of the cold already, the weather decides to turn a little bleaker.

With a large area of Europe frozen over by temperatures in their minuses, it was only a matter of time before the UK was to feel the true, icy force of January. As snow threatens to fall over the next few days, the country is seemingly set to go into its annual snow panic mode.

Scotland are to face temperatures of -15°C, while London will feel, at a pinch, ever so slightly warmer at a chilly -7°C. Reports say that the army are getting prepared to help out in what is anticipated to be the most severe winter weather since 2010.

So how can we prepare as a nation for the impending chill that will inevitably throw us all off?

For those that are set to travel by car amidst the snowy conditions, top up your antifreeze levels, attach a cover to your windscreens overnight and dust off a snow shovel just in case you have to shovel yourself out of the driveway. Make sure you’re donning boots with grip, and that you have plenty of de-icer and your snow poles in the back of your car boot.

On a more serious note, people have fallen victim and tragically died due to the wintery conditions that Europe has faced so far. Those particularly vulnerable are settlers amongst some of the largest refugee camps spread amongst European countries, including Serbia, Turkey, Italy and Greece.

When the snow decides to impede us, therefore, perhaps spare a thought for those in hypothermic temperatures without shelter or warmth, or a home to go to, and let’s utilise the resources that we’re lucky to have.


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