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Surviving exams

As parents and their offspring know all too well, exam season is approaching, and with it comes a host of difficult days, stress and worry. But with these top tips on surviving exam season, parents and teens alike can look forward to getting past the papers and into the long-hot days of summer.

–          Work, rest and play

Everybody knows that when it comes to exams, there’s no cutting corners. Revising is hard work and it can seem like a mountainous task when a myriad of exams loom all at once. But don’t panic! Draw up a revision planner. It will help focus the mind on timescales, work requirements and will also mean you can tick off the days to the summer holidays! It’s really important that free time is built in, as time to rest the mind is as important as revision. And make sure your teen is getting their beauty sleep; late nights and early mornings do not help when it comes to absorbing information.

–          Diet and exercise

Eating well and looking after your body are huge steps on the road to conquering exam blues. With a nourishing diet packed full of fruit and veg, fresh fish, carbs and protein, students will have more of a change of staying healthy and keeping on track. Similarly, get out into the fresh air and get some exercise! If you get the blood pumping it will help your mind and body stay fit and healthy and primed for anything!

–          Phone a friend

If you or your child are struggling with exam stress then do share the burden. Whether it’s just talking the problem through with a friend or family member or asking an expert for help, it can often help to talk the problem through.

–          Social network

There is nothing as distracting to the studying student as the internet and mobile technology. Procrastination is an art that can be perfected thanks to social networking, games and online chat. So how about you arrange an agreement with your teen? They leave their phone in a family room while studying and, if using the computer, try to refrain from surfing the web. In return you treat them at the weekend with a meal out, a little shopping trip or a trip to the cinema. It might not be the cheapest way of doing things, but swapping social networking for quality time spent together will hopefully make everybody happy!

Finally, good luck!


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