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Take the spit stress test

Are you feeling stressed? Well, now you can spit into a machine to find out.

A new stress reading machine is being used by businesses to find out just how harassed their employees are feeling.

The German invention apparently measures levels of stress hormone in saliva so that employers can adjust work patterns. The reading is given in minutes and no laboratory testing is needed.

The idea behind the machine is to spot problems before they get out of control, preventing burn out or illness due to stress. It is possible that big football clubs may take advantage of this to monitor their highly paid players.

You can also now get a bracelet that monitors your sleep and how much exercise you take – and this is likely to just be the beginning.

John Harries, head of health and life sciences for Samsung Enterprise Business Europe, told the BBC: “The next iteration of our Samsung Galaxy phone will have more health sensors built in. The direction of travel is to build up this kind of health monitoring capability even more.”

I love a good gadget, but I’m not sure I need to spit into a machine to tell me I’m stressed out – a lot of shouting and slamming about usually indicates that quite well!

I can also envisage a lot more stress building up if my phone or a bracelet started telling me to exercise more, sleep more or eat less. I think it would end up being thrown across the room!


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