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The ‘selfie’ obsession goes on…

In 2014 it could be said the word of the year, depressingly, was ‘selfie’.  A word that divides nations and generations, a word which members of the public profess to love or hate and a word which very few people can genuinely claim to be ignorant of its meaning.

It’s a word that’s listed by Oxford Dictionaries. A word that even my mum is aware of (however reluctantly she admits to it).

The term ‘selfie’ sums up quite neatly the current combination of self-obsession and digital technology which is prevalent in today’s society.

But then, to top the narcissism off, someone goes and throws a ‘selfie stick’ into the mix. I mean, who buys selfie sticks? Is it people who never have a friend with them to document the moment? Or just those who have no self-awareness about how embarrassing such technology actually is?

So, by the time selfie sticks came along you thought you’d heard it all.

But then the news broke about the newly invented ‘selfie drone’ which is flying onto the market for a mere $499 – with pre-ordered models leaving the production line early next year.

All you have to do is throw the drone into the air and it starts flying and filming its subject.

It’s very clever really (aside from the current flaw that the drone doesn’t recognise other objects in the air and therefore has a high propensity to crash).

Oh, and it’s utterly, cringemakingly embarrassing too.

So, Father Christmas had better get his pre-order list ready, because if you thought the selfie stick was a laughably cute stocking filler for your teen last year, you may have inadvertently created a monster. A monster whose biggest wish this year is to capture their every minute using a drone.


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