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The black pudding diet

In previous years we’ve seen pomegranate, kale and blueberries…

… heralded as the height in healthy eating but the latest superfood to be announced is a little more surprising.

Move those acai berries aside folks, and clear some fridge space for black pudding.  The blood sausage, most commonly associated with the greasy fry-up, has been included in a list of new superfodds. Made traditionally from a mixture of pig’s blood and oatmeal, black pudding is rich in many of the minerals and nutrients essential for healthy body function, including protein, iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium and zinc.but the latest superfood to be announced is a little more surprising.

For a few years now black pudding has been featuring on the menu of some of the nation’s finest eateries, an ironic, retro food statement for hipsters, but is it’s reinvention as a superfood a little far fetched? It is after all relatively high in fat and calories and, thanks to its oatmeal constituent, carbs. And then there’s the question of is there such a thing as a superfood anyway? Most nutritionists agree that the key to a healthy body is to eat a balanced diet, rich in fruit and vegetables and featuring all of the major food groups. No specific mention of black pudding there then.

Some more predictable additions to the list of new superfoods are black beans, seaweed and avocado oil. Meanwhile we wait impatiently for scrambled egg, bacon and fried bread to reach superfood-status so we can start the day with a guilt-free English breakfast!



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