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The end is nigh for Big Brother

After 18 years, Big Brother finally appears to be over.

Channel 5 have tweeted that the current series is going to be the last one of either the celebrity or normal version.
It’s fair to say that the show has been on a rollercoaster ride.
I remember when the very first season came to our screens and it was very different to how it is now.
It began as a social experiment to see how a group of people would get on without any technology and what they would go through when being watched all the time.
It was absolutely fascinating and the insight from the experts helped provide an almost documentary feel to the show.
Nasty Nick became a household name when he smuggled a pen into the house and nice guy Craig was a worthy winner.
I remember the second series for the absolutely hilarious Brian Dowling in the second series and the third series was when the celebrity culture started to pervade the house. Jade Goody became very famous and Kate Lawler went on to win it. The warning signs were there that the show was becoming less scientific and more about antagonising people into arguing with each other for the sake of television.
The fourth series was widely panned for being boring before the fifth series came along, and I stopped watching the show after this point. It started becoming a competition to decide who could get the most attention and there was even a fight in the house. I felt at this point that things were starting to go too far.
It wasn’t too much longer before Channel 5 took over the mantle of hosting the show, where it become a bit of a nonentity until this year.
The furore over Roxanne claiming that eventual winner Jason beat her up when he was play-fighting was indicative of the calibre of people that Big Brother was attracting.
I’m glad these attention-seekers will no longer get their share of the limelight that Big Brother used to afford them. I always felt it was a shame that they strayed away from those early seasons and I hope that if it does come back, it goes back towards that sort of angle, however unlikely that may be.

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