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The end of an era at Arsenal

It has finally happened. Arsene Wenger will step down after 22 years in charge at Arsenal.

His impact on the club and English football in general is almost unparalleled. He took on a revolutionary, scientific method of managing his players that was soon emulated across the game.
He delved into the diets of what footballers ate and gave his players very specific plans. This is now commonplace but at the time, nobody was doing it.
He arrived at Arsenal as a complete unknown. ‘Arsene who?’ was the cry from the crowd and the media.
But his trophy haul of three Premier League titles and four FA Cups in his first nine years in charge were proof of his prowess.
He even led his side to an unbeaten season with the team dubbed the Invincibles.
Famous for not seeing refereeing incidents that played into his team’s favour, his success rate is phenomenal.
However, he went nine years without a trophy and the last couple of years in particular have seen a decline in Arsenal’s fortunes despite another FA Cup win.
This season is the first time that Arsenal haven’t qualified for the Champions League, and Arsenal’s ambitions have slowly diminished from title competitors to being happy with getting fourth place.
The club has the highest ticket prices in the league, so there is no reason why the Gunners shouldn’t be competing for top honours. But under Wenger, this hasn’t happened of late.
It has been a downward spiral for Arsenal recently but that should not diminish the achievements the Frenchman has enjoyed in his time in England.
He propelled Arsenal to a different level. But unfortunately he didn’t move with the most recent times, refusing to spend big money on players until this season when he had to.
Time and tide doesn’t stop for no man.
But fair play to Wenger for his years in English football. His legacy will live on forever.

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