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The future is down

When you see films or pictures of a future world, it always involves cities with flying vehicles everywhere – but maybe we have been setting our sights too high.  With traffic becoming an increasing problem in our society, it is not surprising we are all thinking of new forms of travel for the future – but maybe we have been imagining it all wrong.

An architecture firm has come up with a new idea for transporting people around London. Instead of looking to the skies for inspiration, the company has suggested using the underground tunnels for a cleverly designed travelator system, which it has calculated will make journey times faster than the trains.

The moving walkways would function at three speeds, with a fast lane, medium land and slow lane that would slow down at stations to allow people to get on and off easily.

I now have a vision of future cities where all the roads are replaced by moving lanes. Imagine it – no traffic jams, no air pollution and no petrol or car repairs to fork out for. Residents would probably even be happy to pay a contribution towards the building and upkeep of the system – as long as it worked out cheaper than running a car or train fees.

The added bonus, of course, is this form of travel would allow us to get to our destination on time, whilst keeping fit and active at the same time by walking along the travelator instead of standing still – avoiding the need to factor in an hour of gym time at the end of the working day!


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