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The Humans of New York have mesmerised me

Have you ever stopped in a busy place and watched the scores of people bustling about their busy lives and wondered for a minute what each of their stories were?

Well, now you can find out.

Pictures and details of people on the streets of New York have become a social media phenomenon called Humans of New York (HONY) attracting over seven million followers.

At first I wondered why a few pictures of people had become so popular, but it wasn’t long before it captured my attention as well. I soon realised why I, and scores of other people, were so easily fascinated.

New Yorker Brandon Stanton has simply captured normal people, each with their own unique story to tell.

Brandon began his project in 2010 when he began taking pictures of New Yorkers for a personal challenge. HONY soon developed into pictures and short stories, as Brandon displayed a natural ability to get people to tell him intimate details about their lives.

Like, for example, an elderly lady who said her biggest challenge was coping with the death of her husband, the traffic cop who said he got “no joy” from issuing tickets or the large man who said he had suffered “a lifetime of loneliness”.

Brandon says: “After I lost my trading job, I decided to move to New York City and take portraits of strangers on the street. Mom wasn’t too happy about that decision, but so far it’s gone pretty well. I’ve taken nearly 5,000 portraits and written 50 stories. And I’ve met some amazing people along the way.”

HONY is now a blog, Facebook page, book, tumblr and Twitter account attracting interest from all over the globe.


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