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The inspiration that is the Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics have begun in South Korea and these games are proving as inspirational as ever.I have been a huge fan of the Winter Olympics ever since I played a very old computer game based on the Nagano Games from 1998.
Events such as the bobsleigh, skiing and the ski jump are real feats of physical excellence that are difficult to get your head around in terms of how they manage to accomplish what they do.
For instance, the winning ski jump in the women’s event at Pyeongchang 2018 was around 110 metres. That means they have jumped a longer distance than what Usain Bolt covered when he won his Olympic golds. The fact that someone can jump this far is something that I struggle to fully comprehend. I’d probably have to go to an actual event to fully appreciate the feat they’re achieving.
I’ve just got back from a skiing holiday and the thing I struggle with most is the moguls. They are huge bumps on the slope and really take it out of your legs as you have to go around them or over them. When you watch the mogul skiers, you can’t help but wince at the pounding that their legs are taking as they hurtle their way down the slope. These Olympians must either have legs of steel or will face huge problems with their knees in the future.
The politics of this Winter Olympics are also extremely intriguing. North Korean Olympians are competing and there seems to be a certain amount of reconciliation between the Korean countries at the moment. Whether this is a political ploy by the North Koreans is difficult to tell but there are certainly only positive mentions of what is going on presently.
This and the individual stories of all the competitors is why sport is such a fantastic thing to have in the world. Yes it has the ability to divide people, particularly football, but more often than not, it brings people together.

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