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The internet is your new high street

The trend in online shopping is showing no signs of slowing down.

Stories in the news this week confirm once more how our shopping patterns are effecting high street businesses.

The Body Shop, a ubiquitous sight in town centres throughout the UK, is rumoured to be in trouble – a report in the Financial Times says owner L’Oréal is considering selling the chain.

Marketing Land this week also reported how stores are closing and focussing instead on e-commerce for their products.

It will be a sad day when our high streets are empty ghost towns, with tumbleweed blowing through them – yet I have to confess, I am one of the many whose shopping habits have definitely shifted towards online buying.

Using the internet to shop used to account for a small percentage of my purchasing – nowadays it makes up probably at least 80%.

Even when I do go shopping and see products I like, I often find myself browsing online to see if I can buy it cheaper somewhere else. Admit it, you’ve done the same yourself.

The increase in online shopping habits can be good news for you as a business. It gives you a chance to compete with the ‘big boys’ in terms of prices, without having to have a presence in every town centre.

If you have a solid presence online, with website and social media pages, your ability to tout for business is endless and has no extra overheads. You can grow without having to open up new stores.


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