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The Jesus tip of the iceberg

I don’t know what to think about a peculiar movement which started in the US but which has been making headlines worldwide. I’ve been puzzled to understand the motivation behind so-called Tips for Jesus.

For the past six months rich do-gooders have been leaving massive tips for serving staff in cities around the US and Mexico. The internet is buzzing with the news that only recently, for instance, an anonymous diner in LA left a $6,000 gratuity to a waiter for a $900 restaurant bill and a fast food servers got $100 for a $4 milkshake, with ‘Tips for Jesus’ written at the bottom of the receipt.

Every time, there is another post on Twitter or Instagram of someone smiling and pointing at their winnings, speculation heats up about who could be behind this trend.

While I don’t begrudge the waiters and waitresses their unexpected and potentially live-changing windfalls, I can’t help wondering why a person, no matter how rich, would leave a tip so wildly out of proportion.

The cynic in me suspects that these Tips for Jesus are some kind of marketing ploy or publicity scheme and that a few months down the line some super-rich blue chip company boss will step out from underneath his cloak of secrecy to say ‘ta da, it was us all along’.

And if the Tips for Jesus are really nothing but a kind act of charity, isn’t it rather unfair to favour only one member of staff while presumably their colleagues are paid the same wage and are equally as deserving?

Wouldn’t it be better to give that $6,000 to a soup kitchen, for instance, where it can benefit several hundred needy?

I hope to be proved wrong, but only time will tell the who and why behind these tips.

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