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The legacy of Sir Roger Moore lives on

It has been a terrible few days for the James Bond franchise, following the death of singer Chris Cornell, and now Sir Roger Moore has died.

He is the first actor to have played James Bond in the official films to have died, and there are many millions of fans who will fondly remember him for his portrayal as one of fiction’s most beloved characters.

Sir Roger played the iconic role seven times throughout the 1970s and 80s, and there can be no doubt about how suave and sophisticated he was.

He brought that touch of glamour to the role, and the films I particularly admired him in were Live and Let Die and A View to A Kill.

His fights with Jaws were absolutely epic as well, as well as his duel with Scaramanga in The Man with the Golden Gun.

He didn’t just do Bond though of course – there are many people who remember him for his role in television series such as The Saint.

And his charity work with UNICEF did so much good for children across the world that this was actually what he was knighted for, as opposed to his acting.

To use his status as a force for good is something that you can’t really commend enough and he is quite rightly a role model for many millions of people around the world.

If he can help inspire other people with similar levels of fame to do good in the world, then this really should be applauded.

He always came across as a very charming and good-natured person when he was interviewed, and he really will be a sore miss for the world.

I’ll be having a Martini and re-watching some of his iconic Bond films this weekend as a tip of the cap to this great man.

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