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The many mysteries of Stonehenge

The mystery of Stonehenge just got bigger with the discovery of nearly 100… 

…more stones underground near the original site.  It’s hard not to be fascinated by the monument of Stonehenge, especially if you have visited or driven past and experienced the sheer scale of these stone monoliths.

There are of course many theories behind the stone circle, and the discovery of this new and huge underground site will add even more intrigue.

Hypotheses developed over the years include the suggestion that extra-terrestrial life was involved, or some kind of wizardry. Many theories conclude that the site was some kind of burial or sacred ground or an area for celebration based around the astronomical calendar. Other ideas suggest the giant stones served some kind of sound purpose.

Of course the main riddle is how on earth the prehistoric builders managed to place the huge stones without tools or machinery – especially when it is believed they must have had to transport them from the Preseli Hills in Wales, 200 miles away.

The new discovery of what is being dubbed “superhenge” was made using ground-penetrating radar equipment and is likely to keep scientists guessing for many more years.

Lead researcher Vince Gaffney, of the University of Bradford, said: “We don’t think there’s anything quite like this anywhere else in the world.”

Of course, another ongoing mystery surrounding the Stonehenge site is how to get traffic and visitors past and onto the site without causing major traffic jams. That dilemma looks set to continue for many years as well.


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