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The miracle of Dunkirk

The release of the Dunkirk film has had me thinking about the incredible efforts of the Allied Forces during the Second World War.

Around 330,000 people were evacuated from the French seaside town as German forces invaded mainland Europe.

Even civilian boats were sequestered to help with this massive evacuation, and the bravery of these men is something that I find incredibly moving.

Ordinary people, some barely even out of school, went over there to fight for freedom and help as many people as possible. It is difficult to imagine the hardships that these unbelievable men went through to fight for the future that we are enjoying today.

Obviously, I don’t know exactly what it was like to be in Dunkirk during the evacuation, and only people who were there will truly know the horrors that befell people involved.

But the film to me gives a taster of how terrifying it must have been.

While there isn’t a great deal of story to the film, it really does encapsulate a feeling of dread and stress when you are watching it. The music puts you on edge, which must have been the constant feeling of the evacuees.

It is also one of the loudest films I have ever been to see, and that noise when the German bombers were about to drop their payloads really chills you to the bone. Again, it must have been horrendous to try to be evacuated and hearing that noise overhead.

With the Germans surrounding Allied forces at that time, the feeling of hopelessness must have been overwhelming. For pokey, civilian boats with no way to defend themselves to come across the Channel to rescue these beleaguered soldiers must have provided an unbelievable amount of hope for evacuees.

It is a lesson for the amazing achievements we can all accomplish if we put our minds to a task, no matter what the odds are against us

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