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The pros and cons of living with parents

So I still live with my parents, which still causes me a bit of embarrassment at the age of 29.

I’ve not always lived with them – it was only last year when I moved back in having lived away for a good six and a half years – so I’m not a total sponger off my parents!

But it is a strange feeling when you tell people that you live with your mum and dad, and you feel duty bound to say almost immediately: “It’s only a temporary thing.”

I’ve been saying that for almost a year now!

There is no doubt that there are perks to living at home. I’m paying them rent but I’m saving a fortune compared to what I would pay for a standard rent or a mortgage.

It is on this point that I feel sorry for a lot of people my age – it costs so much money to save up for a deposit, and if you’re surrounded by student debt as well, this becomes even harder.

Living with your parents gets a bit embarrassing when you’re watching a TV programme such as Game of Thrones and a sex scene comes on as well.

You learn to quietly look away and hope that the scene stops as soon as possible.

Being told to clean up also gets annoying after a while.

But having owned my own house before, I now know how irritating it is when other people come into your house and maybe spill a drink, or scratch a wall by mistake, and you know that you’re going to have to touch up that bit of wall, or get to work with the carpet cleaner.

Having lived by myself in the past, I do appreciate more than ever what my parents did for me growing up, and I feel privileged that I had a roof over my head, good food to eat and parents who cared for me throughout my childhood, which is more than what some kids can say.

However much you might niggle with your parents over the unimportant things in life, most parents are there for their children when it comes to the important things, and they’re usually the first ones you turn to for help.


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