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The sun has gone missing in Europe

Have you been suffering from the January blues?  Apparently, in Europe we have suffered from a particularly dark winter this year – with Moscow reported to have had only six minutes of sunshine in December, compared to its usual average of 18 hours.

In fact, it has been so bad, a newspaper in France announced that the sun must have been kidnapped, with the headline: “Sound the alarm and announce the disappearance. A star has been kidnapped. We still have no sign of life from the sun.”

We may have got past Blue Monday here in the UK, but there’s still quite a few weeks to go in the UK before we start seeing the signs of spring.

Many companies now think they have the answer to the problem – light nutrition.

Light boxes have existed for a long time but now the idea is starting to become more mainstream, with alarm clocks, house lighting and even screen lighting being designed to help give people the right amount of the right light.

I have my own solutions for beating the January Blues:

  • Don’t go on a diet!
  • Don’t set yourself unachievable personal targets for the year
  • Get a pet (they are proven have a positive effect on our mental wellbeing!)
  • Don’t stay at work late
  • Spend lots of money in the January sales

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