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The teenage technology trap

There’s been a lot in the news recently about teenagers and technology use. As adults, we generally know how to self-regulate…

…(most of the time!) and use online media sensibly and positively.

Of course, like most things in teenage life, it is difficult for young people not to get swayed by peers and trends – making social media and mobile phones potentially addictive and all-consuming.

I remember the message in my teenage years about learning how to say NO to cigarettes, alcohol and drugs – there was even a pop song about it after a storyline on a popular TV show…(I’m showing my age now).

I’m not suggesting social media and mobile phones are comparable to drugs, but the issue is still the same – we need to help young people to be strong enough to be themselves. All the articles I read about teenagers and technology points to the same issue – teenagers saying they don’t want to spend so much time on their screens but they feel they have to because they are worried about missing out.

Schools, parents and the media need to keep plugging the same message that we received when we were growing up – you don’t need to do what everyone else is doing, do what you want to do.

Social media and mobile phones are a part of life – and of course a very useful part of life – but we’re all on a big learning curve when it comes to using them and we have a responsibility to help our young people live healthy and active lives that don’t involve them feeling they are glued to technology without a choice.

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