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The Veg Box Phenomenon

Door-step delivery of consumable goods has come a long way since… 

…the days of the milkman, ice cream van and the local fish monger doing the rounds.  We now have most of the big supermarket brands offering a shop online and deliver to door service. Pretty much whatever your heart desires can be delivered directly to your front door.

A popular recent addition to the weekly shop has been the veg box. From parsnips and sprouts to more exotic selections, many people now bypass the supermarket and get the best veg delivered direct to their front door. Knowing that the veggies are locally sourced and in many cases, organic being one of the main attractions.

Veg boxes are a great way to encourage healthy cooking and they expose us and our children to a variety of interesting fruit and veg that we might otherwise never think to buy.

A twist on a similar theme is the recipe box; companies that create step-by-step recipes, pack a box full of the exact ingredients you need to make them, and then deliver it to you. You then get to cook a fresh meal, with little wastage. Another great way to try new things, and get out of the rut of cooking the same dinners week after week.

Even retail giant Amazon has jumped on the grocery bandwagon in the US with their ‘Amazon Fresh’ service. They offer free same-day and early morning delivery with customers able to choose from over 500,000 items, including fresh groceries and local products. They claim you can place your order by 10am and have it by dinner, or by 10pm and have it by breakfast.

It’s no wonder the bricks and mortar stores are struggling –  Morrisons recently announced their worst profit results in eight years. Grocery retail is becoming a very crowded market and the competition is hotting up. So what’s next? Our stomachs look forward to finding out!


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