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There’s more than one path

There isn’t just one path for everyone to walk down. Teens are now being forced to stay in education until the age of 17 or 18; I don’t feel that this decision is satisfactory.

From the age of 16 you used to be able to choose the path that you wanted to take, whether that was further education, or seeing the wider world of work. Now the laws have changed and a lot of high school students are feeling more pressure to continue with their studies.

Apprenticeships are a completely different type of education allowing students to move on from school but still be classed as being in education.  Parents and teachers seem to feel that apprenticeships don’t carry the same value as university, but I feel they are mistaken.

I took my studies further when I was 16 and stayed at 6th form, but after about three months I quickly realised that I hadn’t chosen the right path for me. I have recently just started an apprenticeship and within the first few days I instantly felt happier and very comfortable with my decision.

Experiencing both I can now open my eyes to how different both career choices are. I do believe that 6th form is a promising experience for many individuals; however I hope that in the future apprenticeships will be treated with equal importance and that there will be more available to young people like me.


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