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Time to chill out?

As we all know at this time of year it can get pretty chilly. However even our coldest days can’t really compare to the frosty Sweden where every year a company in the small town of Jukkasjarvi build an entire hotel made of ice.

Although a few more have popped up in countries like Norway, Canada and Japan the ICEHOTEL in Sweden was the first of its kind and served as the inspiration for the hotel featured in the James Bond film “Die Another Day”.

Although first designed as an art project, the ICEHOTEL quickly became a hit with tourists from all over the world. Constructed every year in December it stays open until April, obviously it can’t have guests for much longer than that!

Ice chairs, ice bar and yes, even ice beds: this isn’t your typical hotel.  This year, hwoever, for the very first time, the hotel has been ordered to install… fire alarms?!? Yes it seems that local authorities have put their foot down in the name of health and safety to stop all that ice spontaneously combusting or something.

A spokesman for the hotel admitted that they were “a little surprised” but added that the reason was probably due to the fact that they have items like pillows, sleeping bags and reindeer skins that could potentially catch fire.

As if building a hotel made of ice wasn’t hard enough they need to figure out a way to install the fire alarms as well but luckily the alarms themselves were tested by the local fire department: I’m sure that’s a relief.

In my opinion if you somehow manage to set your room on fire in a hotel made entirely of ice, then frankly there’s no help for you. Perhaps the authorities just need to chill out… ahem.


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