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Tis the season for the sneezes

If you’ve been victim this year…

… of the dreaded winter cold you’ll be pleased to hear some scientists believe there might be a breakthrough in the search for a cure.

As soon as winter hits, it’s time to break out the tissues and say things like: ‘there’s a lot of it going around’ as people around you start going down with coughs, colds, sneezes, sore throats and ‘flu-like’ symptoms.

I’ve already had my first bout – during which I began hastily consuming vitamin C in various different formats, sniffing menthol ointments, sucking cough sweets and drinking honey and lemon. None of these treatments really work of course, but they make us feel like we are doing something to get better!

The Guardian reported this week on the ongoing research into developing a vaccine for the cold virus, saying that many pharmaceutical companies are now working on rhinovirus vaccine programmes: the rhinovirus is to blame for most colds.

In the meantime, I have read many articles suggesting the best tried and tested tips to treat/cure your snotfest – these have included drinking a variety of different infused herbs, eating mountains of broccoli, avoiding milk, getting out in the fresh air, taking zinc supplements, eating garlic, consuming turmeric and guzzling probiotics.

The most obscure one I read though was from Sarah Flower, a nutritionist speaking in The Express. She said: “Pelargonium (the common geranium) is a herbal remedy which can help with respiratory infections, sore throats and general cold and flu symptoms. Take this remedy as soon as you begin to feel the onset of illness and continue until showing signs of improvement.”

I’m not sure if eating and drinking all of the above will help my cold, but I’m pretty sure I will feel sick afterwards!

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