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Top marks to the underdogs

I know it’s being said by plenty of other people, but I can’t help joining in with the messages of congratulations to the Wales football team.

Starting out as a definite underdog in Euro 2016 (who doesn’t love an underdog?) the players beat all the odds to make it through to the semi-finals.

Finally being knocked out of the football championship with a 2-0 score against Portugal, Gareth Bale echoed what we were all thinking when he said: “We have to be proud of ourselves. We have given everything on the pitch and off the pitch and tried to enjoy the experience.”

Wales have never reached a semi-final before and the best they have come is reaching the quarter finals of the World Cup in 1958.

In fact, the Wales team were rated just 26th at the beginning of the tournament so their amazing performance has been a great achievement.

It’s funny how many of us like supporting the underdog. I suppose there is just a lot more pleasure to be gained from seeing someone beating all the odds, rather than just doing what is expected of them.

Iceland was another team that surprised expectations in the tournament and prompted many people to say “it would be great if they went on to win it!”

The country only has a population of around 320,000, one of the team’s managers is also a part-time dentist and a staggering 10% of the country’s population went to France to support the team.

Well done to the underdogs – we won’t mention the England team…


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