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Try a refreshing alternative to the drinking craze

As a deadly new drink and dare craze begins, predictably, to claim lives, it’s heartening to hear of a much more worthwhile alternative.

The dangerous online drinking trend, called Neknomination, is based on people filming themselves drinking alcohol and then daring three named friends to match them.

It apparently started off in a reasonably harmless way, with a bunch of Australian students filming themselves downing a beer and calling on friends to do the same.

However, as the idea has caught on, people are attempting to better each other and the drinks have turned into dangerously large amounts of strong spirits as well as hazardous physical dares.

One young Briton has now died after a Neknomination challenge that involved him drinking a cocktail of wine, whisky, vodka and lager.

I admit I have taken part in the odd drinking game over the years, but this is pure lunacy. And the fact that the drinking is done on your own just adds to the pointlessness of it.

South African Brent Lindeque and his friend Allan Price have thankfully been promoting a great alternative to this madness, which I really hope catches on.

Mr Lindeque was nominated in the game, but instead filmed himself giving food to a homeless person. Mr Price did the same by handing out £10 notes throughout London, each with a note asking the receiver to use the money to do some good and challenges others to match him.

Mr Price told The Independent: “I was nominated by my cousin who was already drunk when he did four shots and a tumbler of spirits for his neknomination. I wanted to do something cooler.

“It’s not as if I can afford £100, but doing something that helped people felt really awesome.”

So please people, if you really want your five minutes of video fame, why not have it doing a good deed instead of drinking stupid amounts of alcohol on your own? It makes sense. It doesn’t even need to cost you any more than the bottle of vodka would have done…


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