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A new craze is sweeping the twittersphere, one in which users are falling over themselves to come up with the most original tweets. The quirkier, the better. But why?  The reason is simple. They want to see their tweet transformed into a drawing by UK artist Scott Weston.

The fine art graduate based in Birmingham came up with the idea of drawing people’s tweets earlier this year.  And what started off as something to do in his spare time, has now taken off massively, boosting his 100 or so followers to currently 28,500. When a journalist retweeted one of his posts recently, he gained almost 8,000 followers in only eight hours.

Through his Twitter feed @drawnyourtweet Scott chooses a tweet from his followers to illustrate and then tweets it back to the person. His drawings have proven so popular that to have one done by him is almost a distinction among his followers.

In a recent interview Scott told the BBC: “It was quite surreal at first to think that 28,000 people were looking at my drawings. It started off as something I wanted to do for myself. Most of the day, I am a pixel pusher, making pictures look nice. So it was quite refreshing to put pen to paper.

“It is something I get a lot of pleasure out of,” he says. “The reactions when people receive my drawings are incredible. Someone said that it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to them.”

Classing himself as a “quite a shy person”, the artist was attracted by the anonymity Twitter provides its users. A shrewd move, some would say, as it gives his art wide exposure for a relatively small amount of effort and almost no cost.

Others less cynical would say the real reason behind Scott’s success is that he has found a way to put a smile on people’s faces with the simple charm of his drawings. But judge for yourself @drawnyourtweet.


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