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Upturn in young people going under the knife

I have never understood the appeal of plastic surgery.

There are obviously times when it may be required, such as if people suffer from horrible burns or if there are other genuine medical reasons.

But when people literally go under the knife just to plump up their lips a little bit more, or to make their boobs slightly bigger, I really cannot fathom why you would do that to yourself.

I have a bit more sympathy with people who suffer hugely from a lack of confidence, but there are surely better ways of feeling better about yourself than to change your appearance in such a radical way.

I’m a big believer that your body shape is yours and you should be proud of it. Why would you want to change this unique aspect of your life and make it exactly the same as other peoples?

Research shows that social media may have a connection with an increase in young people turning to procedures such as Botox and dermal fillers, and it doesn’t take a genius to work out the thought process that must be going on in some people’s minds.

People only really tend to put the positive elements of their lives on Facebook, such as when they go on holiday or if they’ve met a famous face.

The more depressing elements of their life, such as an argument with a partner, are rarely mentioned on social media, which is understandable.

But this can create a false picture about that person in that you think they are constantly happy, which is very unlikely to be true.

Airbrushed images are another element of this false, unattainable message that is coming across in popular culture, as well as filters on pictures to make people look better, and people just want to make themselves match up to this incorrect ‘norm.’

Children really shouldn’t be made to feel anxious about their bodies – they should celebrate who they are.

We are heading towards a society of people with serious mental health problems, and it is really important that we can reverse this trend.

I hope something can be done to help people feel good about themselves, and not have to resort to plastic surgery to ‘improve’ their looks.

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