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Warning: cheesy puns ahead

I’ve tried to stop myself, but just like I can’t resist eating a bit of cheese when I am using it in cooking, I can’t resist writing about the latest trending cheese story – it’s such a grate idea…

If you are like me and you hate grating cheese (always makes a mess, I always end up grating my fingers) you will be fascinated by the revelation that we have been using graters wrong all this time.

A video shared on Twitter by MenuServed shows us a much easier way to grate cheese and has been watched a staggering 288,399 times, and counting!

It’s simple – just turn your grater on its side and grate the cheese from side to side instead of up and down. You then just lift the grater up, with all the cheese sitting neatly inside, and tip it where you want it to go!

Why have I never heard about this before? It’s such a Gouda idea!

It’s a bit like the time when I found out about how to get the stone out of an avocado without spending ages hacking away at it with your knife. You simply chop your knife right into the middle of the stone so it gets stuck and then just twist. I saw it on a cookery programme.

Or the time when I found out how to squeeze the juice out of a lemon – by rolling it on the counter, cutting slits in the top and then just squeezing away. The lemon then actually acts as its own filter for the seeds and you don’t get juice all over the place!

Have fun in the kitchen everyone…

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