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Was Harry Potter and the Cursed Child worth the wait?

The eighth story in the Harry Potter universe was released this July and brings us the story of the Cursed Child.  It’s the first book in nine years,…

….since the release of the last book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, in 2007. The book itself is in a script form and is the script from the popular two-part West End stage play that opened in July this year. It was written by Jack Thorne, a screenwriter and playwright, most famous for notable TV show such as Skins and the This Is England series, and is based on a story by J.K.Rowling, Thorne and director John Tiffany.

The story is set nineteen years later, after the Deathly Hallows left us wondering what would happen next to Harry Potter and his friends. Harry is now working for the Ministry of Magic and has three children with his wife, Ginny. Without giving any spoilers away, the story focuses on Harry’s youngest child, Albus, and follows him throughout his journey at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We see the usual Harry Potter dark moments that we’re used to, but also the light-hearted and fun moments that make the book so pleasant to read.

The Cursed Child plays homage to the original books and some of the much-loved characters from the previous books feature in this new adaptation. We also get to meet new characters, who we find play an important role in the lives of Albus, Harry and co.

The book, with thanks to its script form, is incredibly easy to read and you can find yourself reading 30+ pages without realising. The cover design is beautiful and fits well within the original series, whilst still being able to be unique and stand on its own two feet as a book in its own right.

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child is the perfect read for any Harry Potter fan. The book sits well within the original Harry Potter universe and is the perfect remedy for those Harry Potter book withdrawal symptoms.



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