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Jupiter, that giant planet with its famous red spot, has always been one of those fascinating areas of space that is surrounded with mystique. 

Now, it may finally reveal some of its secrets to the human race.

It’s hard to believe that we have managed to put a satellite probe in orbit around Jupiter – what an amazing achievement.

Juno successfully arrived in Jupiter’s orbit in the early hours of Tuesday morning after a five-year journey to the largest planet in our solar system.

NASA’s Charlie Bolden said: “With Juno, we will investigate the unknowns of Jupiter’s massive radiation belts to delve deep into not only the planet’s interior, but into how Jupiter was born and how our entire solar system evolved.”

I remember being captivated by the iconic planet of Jupiter, even as a child. It’s known as a gassy planet, but one of the aims of the Juno project is to find out if it actually has a solid core.

Juno will be able to measure how much water is in Jupiter’s atmosphere, measure composition, temperature and cloud motions and map its magnetic and gravity fields. These measurements may be able to tell us how the giant planet was formed and evolved, giving us an insight into the formation of the entire solar system.

When you think that the television was only invented around 90 years ago, it is even more amazing to think of this latest space achievement.

The mind absolutely boggles as to what we may be achieving and discovering in the next 100 years.


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