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We’re proud to be British – kind of

We live in a nation of a stiff-upper-lipped, self-deprecating and underwhelmed society who are rather proud to be British, but who would rather not shout it from the rooftops.

Hardly surprising is it? According to The British Attitudes Survey, 82% of us are indeed proud to be called Brits. But out of that figure, only 35% are ‘very proud’, while 47% of us are ‘somewhat proud’. Note the language used. It says it all. Yes, we are proud, but we’re also remaining rather dignified in how we’re celebrating it.

I thought Grace Dent in The Independent put it perfectly when she said: “I am ‘somewhat proud’ to be British, because I’ll leave the bolshie, bragging ‘very proud’ to the Americans and North Koreans.”

On that note, not that I’m showing off or anything, here are a few things that make me ‘somewhat proud’ to be British:

  1. We have Royal Family members like Harry, who take their clothes of in Las Vegas, and Mayors like Boris Johnson, who gets stuck on zip wires.
  2. English breakfasts, fish and chips and Yorkshire puddings. Oh, and lots of tea.
  3. No-one gets away with ANYTHING in the press.
  4. On the whole, we have good manners. Even the bad people.
  5. Even though we wanted it to go a bit wrong, we did the Olympics very well, and felt ‘somewhat proud’ about that.
  6. Our comedians are the world’s best and very British. Very downbeat and low key, but so so funny.
  7. We produced the biggest and best rock icons.
  8. The NHS.
  9. We expect it to rain and anything else is a bonus. But we still like complaining because it gives us something to talk to strangers about.
  10. And when we don’t want to be stiffer-upper-lipped now and then, we just get drunk.


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