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Here are the 2016 Christmas adverts!

Here we go again, the Christmas adverts are appearing on our television screens.

“Christmas adverts?! Already!” is the shout coming from many a home no doubt, but these adverts are becoming every bit as part of the festive tradition as presents, Christmas trees and Brussel sprouts.

The John Lewis adverts are of course the ones that really get people into that Christmas spirit, and this year’s release is a cracker (Cracker – get it?!)

Buster the Boxer dog is shown at the start of the ad and it really is a feel-good tale of a dog getting what he wants for Christmas.

A man builds his daughter a trampoline on Christmas Eve, but as everyone is settling in front of the TV, Buster notices that animals are coming out of hibernation to have a go on it.

Foxes, hedgehogs, squirrels and even a badger enjoy the trampoline, and Buster ends up getting quite jealous.

So when the little girl is allowed to have a go on the trampoline the following morning on Christmas Day, she is shocked to see Buster beat her to it, and he looks incredibly happy to be bouncing up and down!

It’s a great advert, but Aldi’s offering about a carrot that wants to meet Father Christmas is a similarly great effort to make everyone feel good, and it is a funny advert as well.

It’s nice to see Christmas adverts trying to make everybody happy again rather than pulling on the heartstrings and making us feel sad.

Last year’s John Lewis advert reminded everybody of how lonely older people can get at Christmas with the old man on the moon and the little girl seeing him through the telescope.

While it is important to remember that people still do have problems at Christmas, it should be a time when we can all feel good about ourselves, so it’s great to see adverts having that cheery factor this year.

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