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What’s wooly, garish and everywhere you look?

Remember the good old days, when a Christmas jumper was something embarrassing your Gran knitted for you – only to be worn in the confines of your own home on Christmas Day?Or a tasteless item wrapped up by your mum and put under the Christmas tree – with the knowledge that it will be taken straight back to the shops on Boxing Day for a refund?

Now it seems you can’t go anywhere without being confronted with the most absurd and garish Christmas jumpers – from schools to GP surgeries, from the bank to the bus.

What’s more, they are worn by everyone – from new born babies to pensioners, from the serious to the silly. Christmas jumpers have succeeded in crossing all social boundaries – worn by the rich and poor, the trendy and the uncool, the famous and Mr Average down the street.

Unsurprisingly, The Christmas Jumper has now even managed to get a special day dedicated to it this year. Christmas Jumper Day was announced by Save the Children as December 12 and resulted in even more people giving in to this fashion phenomenon.

I’m not a big fan of the Christmas jumper myself and have so far resisted and remained happily dressed in my usual grey or black knitted atire!

I don’t want to be too humbug about all this however. At the end of the day, this craze has certainly brightened up the world a bit for a few weeks and of course raised over £1,299,754 for Save the Children. Or, as the charity itself says: “You made the world better with a sweater”.


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