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When should I put my heating on?

It’s that time of year again when the great heating debate takes place throughout the UK….should we put it on yet or not?

This “heated debate” takes place in households up and down the country as soon as the summer sun starts to lose its warmth.

In my experience, it seems to be the same in most homes – the male of the house starts hyperventilating in shock at the suggestion that the heating should go on (when another jumper would suffice), while the female is keen to snuggle up with her feet on the radiator the minute the first autumn leaf falls from the tree.

Many scientific studies have researched the reason why women often tend to feel the cold more than men – with explanations including circulation differences and the presence of certain hormones.

Dr Sarah Jarvis, of website explains: “The answer probably lies in evolution. It’s hard not to realise that men and women are different, and many of those differences arise from survival of the fittest.

She adds that women have: “a more even distribution of fat around the body. This protects the vital internal organs from getting cold, but also insulates the skin from the body’s heat. This means a woman’s skin tends to be colder in cold weather than a man’s – and since most of the body’s cold sensors are in the skin, women get more messages to the brain telling them they’re cold.”

So, when’s the heating going on in your house? Or is it on already?


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