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Why Chris Cornell was important for the James Bond franchise

The tragic death of singer Chris Cornell has sent shockwaves around the world of music.

His death at the age of 52 seems a real injustice, and it is far too young for a person to be dying in the modern world.

The rock star has legions of fans across the globe, but what I will remember him for without a shadow of a doubt was him singing You Know My Name, the theme tune to the James Bond film Casino Royale.

I am an absolutely huge James Bond fan, so I was very excited when Daniel Craig was announced as the new James Bond.

The franchise promised to go down a different direction to the cheesy versions of the previous few decades.

A rougher, darker, more realistic storyline was planned, and with it came a very different sort of Bond, which required a different sort of Bond song.

When you think of James Bond, you normally think of ballads such as Goldfinger, Goldeneye and Skyfall.

There were a few pop versions in the 1980s of course thanks to Paul McCartney and Duran Duran.

So when Chris Cornell came along and took the genre of Bond songs down the rock path, that continued the theme of a different direction which Casino Royale promised.

Casino Royale was a very important film to the franchise that they absolutely had to get right. Die Another Day had been a total disaster on most fronts, and a gritty Bond film was needed to pull it out of that lull.

Chris Cornell and his rock theme to You Know My Name really did deliver that more down-to-earth feel to this movie that fans had been craving for some time.

He and Daniel Craig set the tone for the Bonds to come, and now the franchise is in better health than ever.

I’d like to thank Chris Cornell for getting the music of James Bond back on the straight and narrow, and helping to give back a film franchise that means so much to so many people.

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