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Will selfies take over the world?

Since selfie was named as Word of the Year by Oxford Dictionaries, this phenomenon seems to be slowly taking over the world. There is not a day goes by when I don’t see a selfie story in the news, from David Cameron posing for one in a well known restaurant with other diners, to the millions of women posing for #nomakeupselfies on social media to raise money and awareness for Cancer Research.

When selfie was announced as Word of the Year in November 2013, it was a little known craze (involving taking a picture of yourself with your mobile or other device for anyone who has been living on the moon for the past seven months). Now selfies are everywhere.

The latest story concerns polling booth staff being told to stop voters taking selfies while in the ballot box. It was feared that while this is not officially illegal, it could undermine the privacy of other voters in the background.

One electoral services manager told the BBC: “We have told staff that if they see anyone taking a photograph they should ask the person to delete it but not try to wrestle the phone out of their hands.

“It would depend on exactly what they were taking a photograph of. We have told them to take a note of the names and addresses of anyone doing it. But we would not necessarily call the police.”

I am one of those people who naturally cringe away from these kinds of trends and I am very proud to say, I have yet to take a selfie! You could say I was a selfie virgin.


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