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Wimbledon in toothpicks

Wimbledon fever is well underway – time for strawberries, Pimm’s and…a court made from toothpicks.

Not content with just watching the tennis on the television, Shaminder Singh, from Coventry, has made a replica of Centre Court using 12,000 toothpicks.

His project was no small achievement and took about 40 hours a week over 10 months, according to the BBC.

It does sound like quite a therapeutic pastime, but I’m not sure I would have the patience to make something quite so intricate. His model of Centre Court measures 50cm by 20cm and is accurate down to the last detail – including the folding roof.

Mr Singh made the replica as part of his model making hobby and is now planning to sell it for charity.

He said he would love to attend Wimbledon but can’t afford tickets. What a shame. After all his efforts, there must be someone out there willing to donate him a ticket.

Meanwhile, it is lovely to see the real Wimbledon hasn’t had to use the folding roof yet this year. Spectators have still been popping up their umbrellas though – not for rain but to keep spectators in the shade.

Not so lovely to see play has been disrupted on a few occasions by bottles of fizz being opened. Stories in the news report the pop of champagne bottles from the crowd and even one cork landing on the court.

Come on fans, show a little restraint!



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