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Would you own a self-driverless car?

Uber is the latest company that is testing self-driving technology, and this looks to be yet another scientific advancement that probably isn’t too far off becoming a reality.

There are a myriad of companies looking to invest in self-driving vehicles, including Google, Mercedes, Jaguar, Tesla, Toyota, BMW and Audi.

It is almost like a private arms race in the battle for the first company to be able to properly roll out vehicles that can drive themselves.

It might remind some of the older generation of the space race between America and Russia to be the first one to land a man on the moon back in the 1960s.

It seems like an incredibly futuristic idea, and there are loads of sci-fi films and programmes that have featured driverless cars, including Minority Report, Knight Rider and Total Recall.

You might think letting a computer drive a vehicle for you sounds like a crazy idea, but when you delve into the facts, maybe it isn’t so scary.

These vehicles take an unbelievable number of pictures per second to assess what is in front of them and have a database stored in its memory banks of what the road should look like. It means that should an unexpected obstacle present itself, the on-board computer can adjust how it drives to cope with the potential problem, which would result in the car slowing down or stopping altogether.

Most accidents are caused by human error. So if we can eradicate that, you would like to think that the number of people who are killed on the road will subside quite drastically.

I can totally understand that people do not want to lose that sense of control when they are in a vehicle which can literally kill you given the high speeds that cars can travel on the road.

But if you’d have told people a few years ago that we would now possess one single device which is also a calculator, phone, camera, calendar, clock, news service and music player, among a myriad of other functions that you can use a smartphone for, then you probably wouldn’t have believed that either.

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