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Your house and mine on the new Minecraft map

If you haven’t heard of the computer game Minecraft yet, well, you must have been living in an alternative world to mine.

This game is so fast becoming part of modern life, Ordnance Survey has now created a realistic Minecraft map of the UK in which you can locate your own house.

Minecraft, for anyone who has had their head buried in the sand, is a game about digging holes, breaking blocks and building blocks to create buildings and entire lands. It is, of course, much more complex than that basic description and can involve weapons, animals and more.

Ordnance Survey released its first Minecraft map of the UK a year ago – basically a Minecraft version of the UK. However, the new GB Minecraft 2 map goes even further than the original, detailing actual towns, streets and houses using 83 billion blocks. The map even includes the national rail network.

Parents and teachers say the maps are a great way of engaging children to learn about geography, and the Danish government has been inspired to produce its own Minecraft map.

The GB Minecraft maps were created by Ordnance employee Joseph Braybrook, who says: “I’ve attempted to recreate Great Britain to be more realistic, while maintaining the gameplay elements people love from the game.

“I believe GB Minecraft 2 delivers a far greater gaming experience and will present a challenge for gamers to start mining and building on it.”

There must be millions of gamers out there who are intensely jealous of Joseph – getting to build Minecraft maps for a living! I bet the poor guy sees blocks in his sleep though!


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