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Amazing Lulworth Castle Antiques Roadshow discovery

The Antiques Roadshow uncovered a great deal of historical items and hidden treasures when it came to Lulworth Castle. The experts even uncovered a jug that was made from Oliver Cromwell’s horse, thought to be worth thousands.

A young couple brought along what they thought was an old leather jug, but it turned out to be an amazing find that was worth between £20,000 and £30,000.

Bere Regis locals Paul Hoare and Samantha Barton joined 3000 other antiques fans to the event which was being filmed for the BBC and presented by Fiona Bruce. The jug was thought to date back to 1653, and is thought to have been made from the skin of Oliver Cromwell’s favourite house. Oliver Cromwell was the Puritan commander of the New Model Army who overthrew Charles I during the English Civil War. The jug has been passed down in Mr. Hoare’s family from generation to generation.

Mr. Hoare said: “I have known it all my life. I remember it on my granddad’s table. I also remember it being in the old shed and never thought it was valuable.”

Other antiques brought along includes a miniature “monkey” bike that Weymouth resident John Harington brought to Lulworth Castle. Mr. Harington is adamant that the bike once belonged to John Lennon, and claims that he has the paperwork to prove that he is telling the truth.

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